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We offer high quality antibodies selected from a limited number of manufacturers using our proprietary Aeonian Rating®. They all come with evidence of fitness for certain applications and the majority comes with integrity and selectivity data. We pay special attention to our recombinant monoclonal antibodies and to our phospho-specific polyclonal antibodies.

We are gradually building our catalogue with thousands more waiting to be released. If you seek an antibody that needs the high quality specifications that we display, please contact us. We may already have what you seek awaiting its release. We are happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement so we can go ahead finding the right antibodies at all discretion.

For the following 100μg products delivery charges to USA and Europe are waived for end-users ordering directly from us:

AE00112, AE00126, AE00138, AE00140, AE00144, AE00146, AE00149, AE00150 and AE00151.

More of such products will follow soon!

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