Our Company

A new concept for the antibody market: Among the large amounts of available antibodies to any specific protein we will identify the few that most likely meet the customer's requirements based on the information on the manufacturer’s product sheet.

Antibodies need to be accompanied with convincing data to demonstrate fitness and they need to be linked to the current batch/lot. We aim to identify antibodies either with convincing data to demonstrate specificity (showing no cross-reaction with related other proteins), or with disclosed epitope or immunizing peptide sequence to rule out potential cross-reactivity to related other proteins, especially when exhaustive validation data are absent. When such products are not available, we will make a clear statement regarding this for the best antibodies we do find.

We will not recommend polyclonal antibodies without batch-specific QC data. Antibodies raised against large parts or against entire proteins need to be accompanied with exhaustive and batch-specific validation data because such characteristics will not always be reproduced in new animals. However, we do have access to custom services who provide litres of antiserum pooled from a large group of animals so to circumvent batch-to-batch variations when long-term sustainable capture antibodies are required. Then, specificity comes from pairing such capture antibody with a monospecific antibody. The monospecific antibodies we identify need to be eligible for Aeonian Rating®, that is they must be forever available with proven reproducible performance from batch to batch and in a consistent formulation (with a known purified IgG concentration).

Our special skills come to play when assessing the scientific integrity of the QC data presented by the manufacturer. Any claim of fitness for a certain application is being scrutinized by checking and comparing the evidence with those from competing other antibodies. This is a manual exercise, and therefore we do not offer an automated browsing facility. We offer custom work instead. We will engage with the identified manufacturer to discuss their presented QC data of the current batch in comparison to previous batches and to check their stock situation before reporting back to the customer. We therefore aim to serve customers who depend on a sustainable supply of product to last their projects, to support their kits or to support their catalogue.

Our Uniqueness

As far as we can see, this service is nowhere else to be found. We are the first.

Our Aeonian Rating® is aimed to set a new quality standard, reminiscent to the Michelin stars for restaurants.

Scientists and assay developers are going to save a fortune by not having to buy and try tens of different antibodies to the same protein. There is also the risk of buying the same antibody from different sources (Voskuil, 2014). Our unique approach will prevent all these trivial problems and allows the customer to take a precious short cut finding the right antibodies straight away.

We build our services on decades of experience in the antibody trade and industries and we know all major players and their products. This facilitates us identifying the actual manufacturers of the antibodies with the right characteristics required by the customer. In addition, we have equal length of experience in immunoassays and in their development. This knowledge helps to understand the customer's requirements even before we commence our hunt.

JLA Voskuil (2014) Commercial antibodies and their validation. F1000Research 3:232

Our Scope

Bringing together supply and demand of the highest quality antibodies and their derivatives, tailored to the requirements of research and of assay development.

Assisting vendors in obtaining extra QC data that will add value to the product sheet, thus increasing the Aeonian Rating®. The Aeonian Rating® can be used by the vendors as a guideline.

Advising on design and presentation of research antibodies to vendors and manufacturers.

Providing advice to scientists on how to adequately get the most value from research antibodies during experimentation.

Our Vision

In recent years, more and more articles appeared to address the problems associated with poor commercial antibodies. These problems do not only affect the scientists and their finance, they also affect the output of reliable science that is meant to provide solutions to human diseases. For each protein, there are many antibodies on the market and for the most popular proteins there could be well over 1000 antibody offerings. This complexity in the antibody market has not been exhaustively addressed in the past, and therefore we have addressed this by separating the performance-related data from the other parameters linked to each commercial antibody (Voskuil, 2017). This two-tier approach facilitates scientists to find their way in this highly complex market. Extra complications come from variations in batches and aliquots and from rebranding to feature the same product in many catalogues. Such complexity is not readily visible for the scientists who shop around to find the best antibody fit for purpose. For this reason, we offer our expertise assistance (see also our blog). We preferentially select commercially available antibodies that meet our quality criteria:

Selection criteria

1. The epitope or immunizing peptide is disclosed unless convincing validation data are available.

2. The formulation and concentration of purified IgG is disclosed and defined (we do not deal with serum, plasma, culture supernatant and ascitic fluid/ascites).

3. The batch code is disclosed and the specified batch is proven available in sufficient quantities. We will check with the provider.

4. QC data and application codes on the product sheet are manually vetted on scientific integrity. A claimed application not demonstrated by convincing data or literature is dismissed.

5. We aim to find antibodies with Aeonian quality, weighted with a maximum of AR100 (Aeonian Rating®) based on the criteria set out above. Antibodies that can be rated as AR100 are expected to emerge in the next 5-10 years to take over the entire market.

6. All antibodies we source are from the original manufacturer, unless licensed in. Vendors we deal with will be offered the opportunity to highlight the identified products with our rating.

7. The Aeonian Rating® (AR) is combined with CiteAb citations and price per 0.1mg IgG as a final step in the selection.

JLA Voskuil (2017) The challenges with the validation of research antibodies. F1000Research 2017, 6:161