The study below illustrates how Aeonian Biotech works out how to find the best antibodies in the commercial market. PI3K antibodies are in very high demand lately, while the choice of products exceed the 2000.

This case study is NOT based on customer's requests and therefore the required application (assay type) is not taken into account.

PI3K Antibodies

The demand for good PIK3CA (PI3K or p110alpha) remains high as it is both a cancer marker and a key component of the signal transduction pathways controlled by AKT and mTOR.  At the time of this writing, Biocompare lists 2514 antibodies across 40 suppliers (It does change from time to time and the return varies depending on asking for PI3K, Pik3CA or p110alpha). Many of them are listed repeatedly through rebranding and through variations of batches/lots with different QC data.

We have taken a long time to sift through these products (one of the biggest jobs we have done so far), and we have brought the large offering down to 32 different products (based on the antigen used). Many of them feature in several catalogues (three on average), ranging from unique ones (12 in one catalogue only) to one product featuring in 16 different catalogues. However, products are only recommended by us when available long term (with reproducibility from batch to batch). We focus on antibodies that are deemed reproducible and monospecific based on the disclosed epitope or immunizing peptide sequence and / or based on exhaustive evidence of validation. Epitope data can be verified as unique or dissimilar to related other proteins beforehand. Unique regions in the protein are: aa1-20, aa142-530, aa713-765 and C-terminus.  The rest of the protein is conserved and antibodies to such conserved regions would likely cross-react with related proteins like PIK3CB, PIK3CD and PIK3CG.

Based on the above, five products stand out from the rest. Product AA00006 is most likely the best antibody based on its CiteAb citations, but its formulation is undisclosed and not offered by the vendor’s catalogue as a defined amount of purified IgG. This product is a recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibody and it is therefore eligible for a much higher rating once offered in a defined formulation. Product AA00007 stands out as a peptide goat antibody with disclosed peptide sequence. The sequence of the immunizing peptide is unique and therefore cross-reaction is unlikely and reproducible batches are to be expected based on the limited size of the immunizing peptide. The drawback though is that it is only confirmed in IHC. We have selected based on Aeonian Rating® (AR), CiteAb citations and price per mg purified IgG.


Next Steps...

The US dollar pricing is not as per the original pricing on the product sheets. We are happy to discuss in further detail about the identified products and how we mediate to bring your custom to the right supplier(s).