A common problem that assay developers face is when a commercially available antibody turns out unfit for their platform and no alternative is easy to identify. Usually, time pressure and budget restrictions prevent them from ordering a custom service. Besides, chances are that the resulting antibody from custom services might be unfit as well. When a fit-for-purpose antibody cannot be readily found, the project manager gives up and moves on to the next project. A substantial amount of potential revenues is missed out.

The current market hardly ever offers one single antibody to one protein. Mostly the market offers hundreds of antibodies to any one protein. One single catalogue has multiple choices already, and it gets complicated by one antibody featuring in multiple catalogues through rebranding. This is not always easy to recognize, for each vendor may offer such antibody with different QC data on their product sheet (Voskuil 2014). Assay developers therefore run the risk of buying and trying the same antibody obtained from different sources.

Assay developers face a multitude of problems when assessing a potential target protein for a new assay. Most biomarkers do not make it to the clinic at all (Voskuil 2015), and so one must be very confident that the assay developers invest in the right biomarker during their R&D work thus ascertaining a decent return. The last thing they need is to invest in the wrong antibodies for the right assay. Besides, ongoing R&D projects need to remain confidential. This confidentiality is hard to maintain when shopping around, especially when certain antibody manufacturers have their own assay development projects.

Aeonian Biotech provides the required discretion when shopping on behalf of the assay developer, and we will make sure to find the best candidate fit-for-purpose antibodies in the market. Not only do we select based on the datasheet (Voskuil 2017); We will subsequently contact the original manufacturer of this antibody to make sure the data are still representative for the current stock and reproducible from batch-to-batch, and that there is sufficient stock available to meet the customer’s requirements. This way we make sure that the assay developer will be assured of sustainable supply, also once the assay becomes commercially available.

For certain target proteins, there are simply no good mammalian antibodies to be made. Then avian antibodies, non-antibody scaffolds, or aptamers might be alternatives. We have an extensive network including providers of such reagents so we can address the needs for such alternatives adequately.

We are happy to discuss your requirements in all confidentiality.

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