We are happy to take on small and large projects from manufacturers and vendors who struggle getting things done quickly enough due to time restrains and limited resources. We can help deciding what QC data should have priority for certain antibodies by checking how they are generally being used (for example we would recommend Flow Cytometry data for antibodies to cell surface markers and IHC for antibodies to breast cancer markers). We can also properly assess QC data and generate datasheet-ready pictures with proper captions. And we can assist by comparing poorly sold antibodies with competing products to identify the reasons for their sales performance. We may advice to QC reassess in a more relevant tissue/cell type or in a more relevant assay type/platform. One another results in either a much better product sheet ready for remarketing or for a withdrawal from the market.

Our proprietary ranking Aeonian Rating® is made available to assess catalogue items for comparison with competing other products. This will help to decide how a product sheet can be improved. One concern is the formulation and price of products, especially when different catalogues sell the same clone with different formulations. A poorly chosen formulation likely determines the sales performance. We also look for the disclosure of epitopes (when known), and of sequence of immunizing peptides. The assessment of competition will help us to decide if disclosure is going to boost sales performance. Concern of copycat is more relevant for newly released products that yet need to prove themselves. We have evidence that the first-to-market antibody will have the edge as soon as it is published in scientific papers thus having established the product in the market.

We offer six different services to vendors and manufacturers:

Service 1.             Help to increase your product's ranking through proprietary algorithms

We offer our Aeonian Rating® to compare your product with competing products. We return a list of product’s ranking next to the nearest competing products. Serious flaws (where competing products outshine) are highlighted, and commented on with recommendations to fix.

Service 2.             Identify long term customers for best products

Based on Aeonian Rating® the products with the highest scores will be selected for a search of long-term customers (both academics and industrial assay developers). Obviously, this service is only available after products have gone through Service 1.

Service 3.             Assist in determining what type of data to add to product sheet

Independent on Aeonian Rating®. Based on reading the product sheets, potential flaws of the presented quality data will be highlighted. Examples of such flaws might be biological relevance determining market demand, lack of controls, unclear product specifications. A short list of recommendations on how to improve will be attached.

Service 4.            Assist in assessment of quality data

Do you have a backlog of products with unattended QC data to process? We can help reducing your backlog. We can help assessing QC data and making them ready for the product sheet with comments and captions where needed. Competing products will be consulted during the process. Those data we deem unfit, will be highlighted. Certain rejection criteria will be agreed upon upfront.

Service 5.             Advice on peptide antibody design

We can decide on immunizing peptides of sizes of 10-15aa, sometimes slightly over. The design will be blasted in NCBI to check for overlap with other related proteins and rejected when it does. We can check exclusively for one species, or make it overlapping with other species when required. We keep aiming for mono-specificity by excluding overlap with related other proteins even with multi-species specificity.

Service 6.             Advice on product formulation

Quick checks of product sheets to see if your product’s formulation meets the requirements of your customers. When offered unspecified amounts good for x amount of experiments, or purified in unspecified way, competition will be assessed to see if such offering makes any commercial sense.


Aeonian Biotech guarantees absolute discretion and remains impartial. All data handled by us remain property of the vendor and will not be shared with any other party.