We both offer our services and ask for yours

Our services

Most of the time your customer will have an antibody available that they ask you to use for the assay. However, sometimes during your validation process the provided antibody is not fit for the requested purpose. Then what to do? Abandon the project and tell your customer the antibody is not working? Or find an alternative antibody that is fit for purpose so you can still deliver and invoice? Which response would your customer be most happy with?

However, finding an alternative antibody that is fit for purpose is becoming increasingly difficult. Early generation antibodies were easy to obtain and for that reason also very versatile: they worked in any application. But as time progressed, newly discovered proteins turn out more tedious to generate antibodies to. And those new antibodies that work are less likely fit for all available platforms. It is no more reasonable to expect any antibody to work in all types of assays. In addition to this complication, the market has dramatically grown with tens to hundreds of antibodies on offer to any one protein. With so many choices how do you pick your antibody from the market? They all claim to be fit, but are they really? Only a few experts in the world can pick them apart and recognize from the data on the product sheet who manufactured the antibody and which ones are most likely fit for the required platform. We are one of these experts and we are ready to offer our services to do the picking for you so you save time and money and get on with your project.

Your services

When you offer assay development services, we may want to bring you projects from customer who need their products confirmed in certain platforms. We actively seek specialists in lateral flow, immunocytochemistry and flow cytometry. We are also open to offers for ELISA, immunohistochemistry and western blot.