Research scientists

You are our heros! You are at the frontline of new discoveries and potential breakthroughs. It is you who contribute to progress in our molecular understanding of disease and ageing. Our lives depend on you and it is because of you that Aeonian Biotech came about.

We offer you our services to help getting you the new discoveries that we all crave for. Your science is being hampered by poor quality antibodies, inconsistency in antibody performance and sometimes even by deception when you buy an antibody claimed to work in your assay but it really does not. And you only find out after many attempts as your assay is not so easy to do because of limited biological samples, limited time while you write papers and meeting deadlines, and limited resources due to scarce funding and scarce lab technicians. It is therefore pivotal to have the right antibody ordered and delivered without any trivial or fundamental performance issues to be used straight away for your important key experiments. The data yet to be obtained are essential for that presentation in the upcoming symposium!

Finding the right antibody is not an easy task anymore. For each protein, there are 10s if not 100s of antibodies in the market to choose from, and it is not always obvious who manufactured the antibody and if the experimental data on the product sheet is still representative for the current batch on sale. And many antibodies feature on different catalogues as if they were different, thus risking to buy the same product from different sources. We will take these concerns away from you and make the right selection so you get to buy the antibody with the highest confidence for your research projects to progress without trivial problems related to antibody performance. For examples, please see our case study.

In addition, we are releasing antibodies under our own brand to facilitate the searches. Each time we find excellent products for our customers, we might as well re-brand and offer them, so others can benefit as well. See our overview.

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