Should I just buy and try?

There are so many antibodies to the same protein on the market these days, that it becomes increasingly difficult for researchers and assay developers to find the right one(s) among them that will be fit for their specific platforms. One must buy and try quite a few without guarantee that any of them will meet their requirements. We are here to assist finding the appropriate antibodies with the characteristics you need. You can contact us directly with your specifics, and we find you the best choice(s) of products from the market. Do no longer worry about testing tens of commercial antibodies in vain. Based on your specifics, we will identify the best antibodies from the original sources by making use of our proprietary selection criteria and we will make sure that you will have sufficient supply to last your project. Your projects will be safe with us, we will always sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with our customers.

We also offer services to manufacturers and vendors who are interested in finding long-term customers and in up-ranking their products based on our innovative set of criteria.