Aeonian Biotech Privacy Policy

You will appreciate that we are not in the business of legal gibberish. So let's keep it straight and clear:

We are a genuine business who are keen getting the highest quality of reagents to the bench scientists and to the assay developers. Hence, the safety of our visitors and customers are warranted and their identity is protected for as long as they are using our website. Once left through an active link, our warranty ends.

The website uses cookies for analytic purposes, and you will be asked to accept such cookies. IP addresses and identities of our visitors will never be commercialized. WordPress powers this website. However, parts of the website are taken care of by Jetpack software, and each page contains some HTML code for Google analytics. These third parties are deemed reliable sources being used by global and reputable businesses.

If there is any concern when using our website, we would like to know straight away. Please give us your feedback, positive and negative, by leaving comments at the relevant pages, or sending an email or completing our feedback form.

Once you have placed an order with us, your data will be stored for future reference. Existing customers may be sent further information about our business with always the possibility to opt out of receiving any updates. Our customer database remains exclusive for internal use and will only be subject to change of ownership as part of the entire business.